Education Majors as Substitutes

The Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 Education Majors as Substitute Program is intended for education majors to serve as substitute teachers. IU8 assists with recruiting, provides training and processes paperwork including issuance of a locally issued permit issued through IU8. Once the applicant has completed training and paperwork their information is forwarded to selected districts.

Prospective Teacher Substitutes (Act 86 of 2016):
  • Must be currently enrolled in a Pennsylvania-approved college or university teacher preparation program;
  • Must have completed a minimum of 60 semester hours or equivalent;
  • May teach a maximum of 10 days for a single employee and a maximum of 20 days per school year; and
  • Must meet requirements of the School Code related to clearances and good moral character.
  • Reissuance provisions:
    • May be reissued for one additional year;
    • Must provide proof of completion of additional 15 credits hours or equivalent from a PDE-approved preparation program provider; and
    • Must remain enrolled in a PDE approved preparation program.

Training are held in July and December.  For information on training components  Click Here

  • Completed application
  • Education documentation as outlined above including an official transcript (sealed from the college)
  • PDE 6004 Arrest and Conviction Form
  • Act 168 Employment History Review(s)
  • Acceptable clearances for school employment
    • PA State Police Criminal Record
    • PA Department of Human Services Child Abuse History
    • PA Department of Education fingerprinting

Click Here to download the application or
Contact Karen Makin, Supervisor of Human Resources

Act 126 - Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Act

Effective January 2, 2013 all substitutes are required to attend training under Act 126 every five years. More information will be provided to applicants as they complete the application and training process.

Click Here for more information on the training requirements and objectives.

This training is in addition to the required training for participating in this program. Act 126 does not require completion prior to beginning employment. IU 8 will require training be completed as soon as possible but during the school year in which you obtain the permit. PARTICIPATING DISTRICTS - Those who successfully complete training and required paperwork will be qualified to substitute in any of the participating IU 8 districts. The locally issued permit will only be valid for substituting in participating IU 8 districts.PERMIT and RENEWAL INFORMATION - The locally issued permit will be valid for day-to-day substitute teaching assignments valid at participating IU 8 districts. This permit will be valid for the school year obtained. The permit can be renewed one time by completing a renewal form and attending in-service with IU 8. Renewal information will be available to candidates in the spring