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About AIU8

Service: Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 is designed to serve in a variety of capacities. We believe our primary obligation is to serve customers—the rural schools in the region—by reacting to and identifying needs. In concert with this, we believe our role is to lead learning into the mid-21st century. 

Learning: Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 is a varied delivery mechanism for learning. The core of what happens in any learning environment is this function. Primary to this is adult learning and influencing those who inspire the children. 

Customization: We believe that, as in all service Industries, the future is in customizing in every way and in working with learning agencies in developing means for their customizing of service. 

Innovation: We believe that Innovation, coupled with creativity and imagination, is the foundation of its future success.

Professional learning

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Training & Consultation
Training & Consultation

Empowering education professionals with tailored training, consultation, and coaching. Work with our team to enhance student learning and success.

Substitute Teacher
Guest Substitute Teacher Program

Thinking about a career in teaching? This is an excellent way to be in the classroom before taking the steps to obtain certification.

JoltEDU Microlearning

IU8's JoltEDU provides microlearning opportunities that are uniquely designed for you.

Engage in short bursts of professional learning anytime, anywhere!


Elevate your expertise and advance your teaching in STEM. Dive into cutting-edge methodologies and emerging technologies to support student learning.

Mass Customized Learning
Mass Customized Learning

Mass Customized Learning is a community of educators that wants to transform education toward one of customization.


Megan Lybarger

Welcome Megan! Megan joined IU8's Business Office team as a secretary!

- Megan Lybarger

Gina Satkovich

Welcome Gina! Gina joined our team as a secretary in the Richland Office!

- Gina Satkovich

Stephanie Holby

Welcome Stephanie! Stephanie is supporting early learners at GJCTC!

- Stephanie Holby