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  • Registration: 8:30 - 9:00 AM

  • Workshop: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

  • Lunch is on your own.

  • Act 48 Hours are available.

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bee bot

AUDIENCE: Teachers: K-4
Cost: $50

This workshop will explore using Botley, Bee-Bots and Osmos in the classroom. Cubettos will also be integrated into the training.

Botley and Bee-Bot are exciting robots designed for use by young children. These friendly, easy-to-operate little robot is a perfect tool for teaching directionality, sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, and just having fun!!

Learn how the Osmo can make using iPads even more magical and meaningful. Learn how students can use Osmo to build vocabulary, number sense, cause/effect and coding while building problem solving and exploring their creativity. Osmo only operates on Ipads. Ipads are not included when equipment is borrowed.


Audience: Teachers: 4-12
Cost: $50

This full-day workshop will explore using Hummingbird kit. This kit is comprised of lights, motors, and sensors which allow students to build a robot out of any materials. Developed at Carnegie Mellon's CREATE lab, the Hummingbird Robotics Kit enables open-ended and creative engineering and design projects.



Audience: Teachers 2-8

Cost: $50

Bloxels is a hand-on platform for kids to build, collaborate, and tell stories through video game creation. Students can use colored blocks to design their characters and settings to tell their own amazing stories! The game board is scanned using the free iPad app to make the creation come to life!



Audience: Teachers: K-12
Cost: $50

Breakout EDU is an immersive learning games platform that allows facilitators to easily create and share educational games with their students or staff. These games teach critical thinking, teamwork and complex problem solving. In this workshop, participants will experience a Breakout EDU game and then learn how to start creating them to be played and shared with staff and/or students with content aligned to their own disciplines.

breakout edu



Audience: Teachers: 2-9
Cost: $50

This full-day workshop will explore using Ozobots & Cubelets. Ozobots is a little toy robot that blends the physical and digital worlds — and teaches kids programming. Cubelets are a fast and easy way to inspire kids to become better thinkers.They include lights, motors, and sensors which allow students to build a robot out of these cubes. These robots enables open-ended and creative engineering and design projects.



Audience: Teachers: K-8
Cost: $50

Dash and Dot, by Wonder Workshop, are exciting, hands-on learning tools for students in grades K-8. Targeted at teaching creative problem-solving and computational thinking, Dash and Dot help students learn fundamental processes relevant for all 21st century skills. In this workshop, learn how your students can use Dash and Dot to learn programming and coding skills, explore math concepts and develop design thinking skills by building extensions onto the robot using LEGO® Bricks. You will also learn about the Wonder League Robotics Competition and how your students can participate in future events.

This workshop is designed for first-time users of Dash and Dot.


Audience: Teachers 4-12

Cost: $50                                                                         

From block-based coding to Python, to holding a phone to 3D printing a maze to attach to the top of Fable. It is a modular robotics kit for the classroom that makes it easy and fun for students to build and program their own robots. Kids can quickly prototype, test, and improve their creations while learning real-world problem solving.



hue animation

Audience: Teachers: K-6
Cost: $50

This full-day workshop will explore creating stop motion videos with Story Cubes, Hue Animation, & Stick Bots. This three part day will include using story cubes to help with the writing process. Hue animation cameras will be used to create a stop motion video using stick bots as the subject of the videos. This workshop will teach the basics of stop motion so teachers can incorporate these videos into their classroom.



Audience: Teachers: 6-12
Cost: $50

Build, program, and test a robot using the EV3 Robot Kit. This session will provide participants with an opportunity to design and build programmable robots using motors, sensors, gears, wheels and axles, and other technical components.
Using the EV3 program, participants will be able to test and troubleshoot their robot and revise their designs to improve robot performance.


Audience: Teachers K-4
Cost: $50

WeDo® 2.0 makes coding a reality for elementary students. Using LEGO® bricks, easy-to-use software and engaging STEM projects, teachers have all they need to teach their students simple programming skills. This unique combination of building with LEGO® bricks, and then using an easy-to-use classroom app to make WeDo 2.0 come to life through engaging lesson plans for science, technology, engineering and math classes, provides you with everything you need to teach programming in your classroom.

This is the set that will be used for First Lego League Jr.



Audience: Teachers: 2-8
Cost: $50

This full-day workshop will explore using littleBits to introduce elementary and middle school students to the engineering design process. littleBits are small electrical components, including switches, sensors, motors, and lights, that snap together like Legos. Students can combine littleBits with traditional arts and crafts materials to prototype inventions of all kinds.

This workshop is designed for a first-time user of littleBits.



makey makey

Audience: Teachers: 2-8
Cost: $75 (includes Makey Makey kit valued at $49.95)
All Makey Makey Professional Learning is limited to 24 participants

Teachers Taught by a certified Makey Makey Training Partner, the Makey Makey Invention Literacy Workshop for Educators is a fun hands-on learning experience where you'll learn how to teach Invention Literacy, Making, and Design Thinking using the award winning Makey Makey invention kit. We'll explore how to teach circuits and conductivity using Makey Makeys and then put our skills to use designing your own inventions! Participants learn best practices and gain access to a multimedia training website that can be used later when working with your students. Participants will become certified Makey Makey Teachers at the completioSeparatorn of the workshop.


Audience: Teachers 1-8
Cost: $50

Looking for a great entry level robotic tool that can also grow with students? Micro:Bit is the choice for you. It’s an open sourced, pocket-sized computer transforming digital skills learning. It works with MakeCode, Scratch and Python languages. It also has the ability to work with many other devices like hummingbird and Makey Makey.

The BrainPad is an exciting STEM/STEAM mini computer for learning and coding video games, robots and electronics. It also has as easy entry point, but a high ceiling where kids can grow to.



Audience: Teachers 3-12

Cost: $50

The Piper Computer Kit includes everything needed to introduce students to computer science, electronics, and coding. Build your own fully functional computer and explore STEAM through Piper's StoryMode through using the Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft, and PiperCode using Blockly, Google's block-based visual programming language. The Piper Computer Kit is recommended for ages 8+.



Audience: Teachers K-8

Cost: $50

Root Robot (K-8) - not just your average coding robot - Responsive to touch, obstacles, light, color, and sound, students can program the Root coding robot to drive, draw, light-up, play music, and even vertically climb magnetic whiteboards or chalkboards! It reaches prereaders through graphical coding all the way up to high schoolers using text-based coding.

root robot

SAM Labs (grades 3-8) take physical components with motors and lights and connects them through Bluetooth to a device which then can be controlled remotely. It is powered by a free, easy-to-use software, SAM Space, which provides the platform for students to build their code, connecting with our unique, Bluetooth-enabled blocks. Guided by the STEAM lessons, students create and innovate systems which provide solutions within a real-world context.


Audience: Teachers: 2-12
Cost: $50

Teachers will be working through the lessons and challenges to gain familiarity with Sphero and learn how this robot can inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention through connected play and coding.



Audience: Teachers 7-12
Cost: $50

VEX kits inspire students to become the problem solving heroes of tomorrow. The VEX EDR system harnesses the excitement of building robots to immerse learners in STEM concepts. Educators can bring VEX EDR into the classroom with custom-made curriculum or use it as a standalone teaching tool. This session will provide participants with an opportunity to design and build programmable robots using motors, sensors, gears, wheels and axles, and other technical components.

vex edr