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Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NCI), a program owned and managed by Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI), is a behavior management system that is proven to be safe and non-harmful. It is designed to help human service workers provide for the best possible care and welfare for assaultive, disruptive, or out-of-control persons even during the most violent moment. The training focuses on prevention, de-escalation, personal safety and physical intervention.

Examples of where non-violent crisis intervention may be used include correctional facilities, educational facilities, and mental health facilities. The main goal in applying nonviolent interventions is to provide for the care, welfare, safety and security of all persons involved. The IU offers a 12-hour, initial training course which provides participants with a one year certification in non-violent crisis intervention. In order to maintain certification, participants must partake in a 3-hour refresher course before their annual expiration date. Therefore, the IU also provides a 3-hour refresher course to help NCI certificate holders maintain their certification. This program is offered to all school district audiences for a nominal fee - (no cost to parents).

Foundations of Non-Violent Crisis Intervention

(12 hours – one year certification)$30.00 per person - materials & processing fees

This 2-day training is for individuals who have never been certified in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, or individuals whose certification has lapsed. Emphasis of this training is on intervening early in order to prevent and/or manage disruptive behavior. Personal safety techniques, restraint techniques and transport techniques are also included. The annual 3-hour Foundations of Non-Violent Crisis Intervention refresher training is required to maintain this certification.

Hybrid Initial Training

(8 hours – one year certification)$40.00 per person - materials & processing fees

This training is an alternative to the Foundations of Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, and provides the same one-year NCI certification upon completion. It is offered to school districts with 8 or more participants. For this training, participants are required to complete two phases of training. During the first phase, individuals will complete 3 hours of self-paced learning through Crisis Prevention Institute's online learning system. Upon completion of the online portion of the training, individuals will participate in a one day (5 hours), face-to-face training, to be held onsite at the school district.

Foundations of Non-Violent Crisis Intervention: Refresher Training

(3 hours)$20.00 per person - materials & processing fees

This standard refresher training is for individuals who are currently certified in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and are required to receive the annual 3 hour refresher workshop in order to maintain certification.

IU8 Recertification Policy

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention certification is valid one year from the initial date of training. The Crisis Prevention Institute requires certificate holders to partake in a 3-hour refresher to maintain certification before the initial year expires. IU8 extends a grace period of 3 months past the certification (blue card) expiration date to take the refresher training; however, you will NOT be certified during the interim period. After the three month extension, you are required to re-take the initial two-day training to be certified.

2019-2020 Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training Schedule