About Us

Vision: Customize Learning Solutions

Purpose: Inspiring people to exceed their dreams.

Mission: Fostering innovation in learning.


  • Service

    Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 is designed to serve in a variety of capacities. We believe our primary obligation is to serve customers—the rural schools in the region—by reacting to and identifying needs. In concert with this, we believe our role is to lead learning into the mid-21st century. 

  • Learning

    Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 is a varied delivery mechanism for learning. The core of what happens in any learning environment is this function. Primary to this is adult learning and influencing those who inspire the children. 

  • Customization

    We believe that, as in all service Industries, the future is in customizing in every way and in working with learning agencies in developing means for their customizing of service. 

  • Innovation

    We believe that Innovation, coupled with creativity and imagination, is the foundation of its future success.

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