Presuming Competence, Raising Expectations

The purpose of Project MAX is to increase the capacity of Pennsylvania schools to provide all students, including those with complex instructional needs, with maximum access to and learning of the general education curriculum and the Pennsylvania Core Standards.

Students With Complex Instructional Needs

These students are a heterogeneous group of students who comprise approximately one to three percent of the total student population in Pennsylvania schools. Students with complex instructional needs:

  • Often require significant adaptations and/or modifications to the general education curriculum in order to access and learn
  • Often have significant difficulty reading and accessing grade-level texts
  • Often demonstrate a pattern of inconsistent progress on academic and functional skills
  • Often have difficulty expressing what they know and are able to do
  • May have a limited means of verbal and written communication•
  • May require augmentative communication and/or assistive technology in order to access, participate, and make progress in learning

Long-Term Goals

As a result of participating in Project MAX:

  • Educators will know and be able to effectively teach to the Pennsylvania Core Standards
  • Educators will be able to plan and deliver effective instruction that meets the needs of diverse learners in Pennsylvania schools
  • School leaders will have the competencies to implement policies, practices, and procedures that support the learning of all students, including students with complex instructional needs
  • Institutions of higher education will prepare educators and leaders with the competencies needed to teach all students
  • Parents will have high expectations of achievement for all students
  • Students with complex instructional needs will demonstrate growth and achievement in academic content
  • Students with complex instructional needs will engage in standards-aligned instruction using communication supports and assistive technology when needed