Discoverystreaming is a digital library of educational videos and other assets available for purchase through the IU contract with Discovery. By connecting to a server on PAIUnet, teachers are accessing the material using the statewide educational network. Trainings, basic or advanced, and usage reports are also available.

IU8 Connect

IU8 CONNECT is a Collaborative Online Network for Curriculum and Teaching. Through IU8 CONNECT, your district will have the ability to make use of an online learning management system (Moodle). Within the Moodle environment, districts will be able to create online courses, manage assignments, promote online collaboration, and address a wide variety of learning styles.
IU8 CONNECT will allow educators to facilitate courses either partially or fully online, manage classrooms in a more effective way and enable collaboration within and outside the classroom. Whether in a synchronous or asynchronous environment or in a hybrid solution, IU8 CONNECT will help your teachers create authentic learning experiences and implement 21st Century Teaching Skills. IU8 CONNECT can be used as an alternative to costly cyber-charter schools. Courses can be designed/used for: credit recovery, advanced placement, advanced courses for gifted students, remediation, alternative education, or home-bound instruction.

IU8 Connect Login

Educational Consultation & Technical Assistance

The concept of effective technology integration can be elusive. With consultation, departments or individual teachers can understand more clearly what it takes to have an up-to-date classroom.

HEAT (Act 48) & LOTI (Act45) Courses

These online courses have been developed to help administrators and teachers consider the power of online learning in a modeled format. Four teacher courses (Higher Order Thinking Processes, Engaging Students, Authentic Connections, and Technology Tools) and one administrator course (Levels of Teaching Innovation) are run throughout the year.

PAIUnet(Educational Content)

The statewide educational network (PAIUnet) serves as a connector to educational services such as Defined STEM (a portal for project-based lessons focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and VoiceThreads (a presentation tool). It is important to understand the products and how to make them relevant to your district.

Professional Development Programs

Teachers frequently need professional development in the format of workshops and trainings on web-based tools and how they fit into existing curriculum. The IU8 Curriculum Department provides customized training for districts at their request.


SAFARI Montage is a digital library of educational videos and other assets available for purchase through the IU. With a server physically located at the IU, teachers are able to access the material using the Regional Wide Area Network.

Technology Integration Mentor Program

PDE provides funding to IU8 to establish and run a Technology Integrator Mentor (TIM) program. The initiative continues through meetings for instructional coaches, support and workshops designed to encourage effective technology integration.

Videoconferencing Integration Support

Many districts in IU8 have videoconferencing equipment provided by IU8 through an Act 183 efund grant. The Curriculum Department provides assistance for districts to be able to use this equipment to enhance curriculum with content programs, save time and money when used for distance meetings, or enable district student projects.