Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway is provided by Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 in collaboration with Carnegie Science Center, Pittsburgh.

The Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway is designed to help school districts adopt best practices in STEM education. The Pathway includes a process by which schools and districts can assess their current STEM programming and create a practical, realistic plan for improvement.

Each district or school that participate in the Carnegie STEM Excellence Pathway will create a leadership team that will include a “Champion” and of 5-10 stakeholders in your organization who are committed to the access of equitable STEM education across the district. Information on how to choose your team can be found HERE.

Districts or schools will be asked to attend three (3) workshops created by the Carnegie Science Center and facilitated by IU8 staff.

  • Emerging Workshop
    This workshop will enable districts to reflect on the current conditions of the STEM education in their district, identify key priority areas for improvement, and create an action plan.
  • Progressing Workshop
    This workshop will focus on collaboration as districts and schools make connections to share best practices toward completing action plans and addressing challenges to implementing change.
  • Advancing Workshop
    In the final workshop, participants will reflect on the implementation of their action plans and the district´s connection to the four pillars of STEM education while planning sustainability for the Pathway.