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     Below is the list of courses that will be presented during the 2019 ATOMS Recharged Camps. This list is a total list, not every course will be taught at each camp.

    Capture This! 

    Students will learn some digital photography tricks and tips such as symmetry and editing images using photo editing software, as well as some videography tips and tricks - using a green screen and other video tools



    Children today love the technological world! Osmo combines our physical world and our technological world using real life objects and iPads to provide students with challenges. Students will work together to use their problem-solving skills to overcome these challenges. Osmo fosters student's creativity by allowing them to incorporate the world around them. The solutions are endless with Osmo!


    Fantastic Contraptions

    In this class, students will use everyday items to build extraordinary things. They will launch ping pong balls, drop marbles, and have fun creating. This class will be using STEM to build and design fantastic contraptions.


    The Nature of Science

    Animals and plants serve as inspiration for modern science and engineering. Biomimicry has helped inspire designs for planes, boats, adhesives, building materials, and many more. This class explores how nature builds amazing structures and how those structures inspire modern engineering.



    If you are looking for the ultimate LEGO challenge, this class is for you. This experience will allow you to design a robot, and bring it to life using LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3. We are also looking for creative LEGO engineers to construct catapults, zip lines, bridges, and fidget spinners.


    little bits

    Use little bits to build like an engineer. Little bits invention cycle will be modeled to create prototypes, test, remix, share, and collaborate. The world is full of inventors, and with little bits, creations come to life!


    Get in the Box!

    In this class, students will be playing immersive learning games (using a program called Breakout EDU) with their peers in various subject areas. During each class period, students will need to use the 4 C's - critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication - to try to open their team's box. which is locked shut! Groups of students will compete against each other to see who can follow the clues and solve the problems most efficiently to "get in the box!"


    Breakout EDU - Escaping the Classroom

    Students will race against the clock to solve puzzles, look for clues, and ultimately "solve a mystery". Student will use their math, science and investigative skills while critically thinking to solve each puzzle and ultimately beat the clock.


    Be an Engineer: Bridge Design

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a civil engineer? Now is your chance to discover one of the roles a civil engineer may have. In this class we will learn about various types of bridge designs. We will construct bridges with various materials and then use Bridge Designer Software to design a just like the CAD programs civil engineers use! We will virtually test our bridges and have a contest to see who can build a structurally sound bridge at the lowest cost.


    Sphero Adventures

    Students will be using Sphero (a spherical robot) to do different activities throughout the week. The students will be given a challenge in the beginning of class and they will get to work in groups to complete the challenge.


    Explore Electronics

    From flashlights to radio-controlled cars, we find electronics everywhere around us. In Explore Electronics, students will begin by learning the basic components of a simple electrical circuit. Throughout the week, our projects will include LED light circuits, and FM-radio, a digital number display, and a voice recorder.


    Do You Have What it Takes?

    In this class, you will be presented with a challenge that needs solved. With a pile of supplies, creative thinking, teamwork, and good luck, we will see if you have "what it takes!" Good luck!


    Geometry Genius

    Practice your geometry and engineering skills as you face mind-bending challenges using only paper! You will fold origami, make a roller coaster, fit inside a single index card, build a weight-bearing bridge, etc. using only paper.  Your geometry and engineering skills will be put to the test during these paper challenges!


    Coding with Bee Bots

    Come learn about coding and algorithms through the use of Bee Bot robots. We will enter a variety of code sequences to guide the Bee Bots through activities and challenges. You will even get to create your own obstacle courses and challenge boards that you will program your Bee Bot to move through. Let's get coding and buzzing with Bee Bots!


    Engineering Structures

    In this class, you will learn about the basic engineering principles required to make towers, bridges, and other structures strong enough to withstand all forces acting on them. Experimenting and the testing of different materials and structures for strength and weakness will be an integral part of this class.


    Makey Makey          

    Makey Makey is an electronic invention kit for all ages! The Makey Makey allows you to take everyday objects and combine them with the internet. Using the alligator clips attached to any conductive material you can control the keyboard of your computer, such as the space bar, arrow keys and left click of the mouse. We'll explore how to use circuits and conductivity using Makey Makeys and then put our skill to use designing your own inventions!


    Scientific Methods 2.0

    The scientific method is an essential process! It is an organized way to study the world around us. In almost everything we do, we can use the scientific method to solve problems and answer questions about how things work. The scientific method answers questions that can be tested. In this course, we will be doing several scientific investigations using the scientific method. Scientific Methods 2.0 is a follow-up course to Scientific Methods Investigations where we will do new fun experiments using this important practice. Come discover how to use the scientific method!   


    Bridge Engineering

    Students will be learning what loads and forces act upon bridges and the engineering behind how bridges actually work. Students will also get to design, sketch, model, test, and compute different types of efficiency ratings for their personally designed bridges.     


    Hot and Cool Science

    Students will heat things up and cool them down as they explore heat energy. Experiments include air pressure, flame tests, elephant toothpaste, homemade ice-cream, and solar ovens. Included in each experiment we will discuss the basics of atoms, electrons, elements, heat energy, and chemical reactions.


    Coding from Scratch

    Have you ever wondered what it takes to code your own movie or video game? Find out with Coding from Scratch! You'll be introduced to computer science and the programming language Scratch, then use it to create animations or games. Explore the many possibilities of coding!


    Physical Science Challenge

    This class is designed to challenge students, promote teamwork, problem solving, and communication. Students will test their skills on a number exciting activities throughout the week. Bridge Building, Car Crashing, and Egg Smashing fun awaits.


    Civil War Tech

    The Civil War was one of the most pivotal time periods in our nation’s history.  It is a fascinating time period to study.  What many people do not realize is that rapid technological advances began to appear at the time of the Civil War.  For these reasons, the Civil War was called “The First Modern War”.  This class will explore some of those new technologies, including the use of electronic communication through the telegraph and new and improved secret codes.  We will also study how technology changed the way wars were fought by examining the impact of technology on tactics.  Our week will conclude with you learning the commands used by the soldiers to maneuver on the field of battle.  If you enjoy science and history and would like to see how they are related, this class is for you!


    Cooperative, Critical Thinking Challenges

    Students will be actively participating and working on cooperative, critical thinking challenges. These challenges could be with partner or small group that will require communication, patience, and teamwork to accomplish the challenge of the day. As students complete the challenge of the day, students will be provided with more challenges of varying difficulties to complete.


    Dash & Dot - Designed for Learning, Engineered for Fun

    Dash and Dot are real robots, charged and ready to code. Responding to voice, navigating objects, dancing and singing, these robots are guided using your directions and coding commands. Students will use multiple apps to create new behaviors for these robots - doing more with robotics than ever possible. Bring your imagination!


    Forensic Science - Guilt or Innocence?

    This course will expose students to the fascinating study of forensic science. Students will perform the role of crime scene investigators, while using techniques for gathering and analyzing evidence to solve given problems/crimes! Students will be immersed in the role of detectives, through the scientific processes utilized, to use critical thinking to solve complex processes.


    Physics Olympics

    Students will compete in a series of events which include:  Car Race, Golf Ball Tower, Egg Drop Boats, Penny Challenge, Paper Roller Coasters, and Power Challenge. Each team will receive points based on their rank in each event. The team with the most points will be the champions. Depending on the length of the program some events may be added or eliminated. Most of the challenges will be building oriented with a goal in mind.


    Gaming from Scratch

    Hey Gamers, ever wonder what is going on behind scenes in the hames you play? Ever think about exploring the code that creates the fun? Gaming from Scratch will teach you how to create simple games in Scratch (a coding platform by MIT) using the same computer logic that runs your favorite games.


    How Do We Compare to Other Animals

    How do the bodies of animals compare to ours?  We will investigate different animals structures (anatomy) and discuss how they work (physiology). You will have the opportunity to dissect and learn just a little more about your body and how it works while learning about animals at the same time!


    Brain Safety Challenge

    Students will be faced with the following problem: In a nation that lives for football, how do we make helmets safer for players to experience head-to-head contact multiple times a game?  Students will use an egg as the brain. Many students are used to cookie cutter labs with steps and directions of exactly what they need to do.  This 5-day activity will have students using what they have learned about the lobes and parts of the brain in order to design a helmet that can keep their brain safe through multiple rounds of head-to-head contact, hopefully preventing brain injury and concussions. Students, supplied with a box of materials and a handout with the general guidelines/constraints, will be challenged to put their creativity and knowledge to the test in order to engineer a helmet that can withstand powerful amounts of impact. They will learn about the brain, concussions, the NFL, and the effects during this STEM activity.


    Forensic Science

    Students will use fingerprints, tire tracks, analyze documents, and even study tool markings to solve crimes as the classroom turns into a crime scene. As students work to solve real-world crimes, they will need to study patterns and collaborate as a team to discover the solutions to several mysteries.