• logo Safety & Security Services:
    Layer 4 has clients throughout the mid-Atlantic region and focuses on the K-12 school environment. Our unique 500 point Analysis is extensive, comprehensive and all encompassing.
    The goal of the Layer 4 team during the analysis process is to take a multi-lens snapshot of the safety and security measures currently in place at the client school district and to develop the assessment and audit review.
    Audit outcomes will identify vulnerable or problem areas, provide best practice perspectives and recommend actionable solutions for the short term, midstream and long term.
    Layer 4 will also conduct a post report roundtable between first responders and school administrators and will conduct a tabletop exercise for the benefit of the school district with the hope that administrators will continue the practice on a quarterly basis with stakeholders across the SBSD spectrum.

    All Hazards Plan Review and Development:
    The lead consultant for Layer4 is a sitting Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator with a wide array of certifications and more than three decades of in field experience.
    We are in a unique position to have also aided multiple school districts in not only developing an all hazards plan but also to aid in the implementation and strategic integration of district plans with those of local and county first responders.

    Risk and Vulnerability Assessments:
    Many things look good on paper, but over time through a lack of training or attention to detail or simply because pressing matters get the attention, cracks in policy and procedures become gaps that continue to widen until something bad happens.
    Our Risk and Vulnerability Assessments are designed to identify gaps, provide recommendations for immediate if temporary fixes and then to provide long term solutions.

    Front Line Training:
    Gatekeepers are not limited to personnel in the front office. Just as a buildings perimeter is only as strong as its weakest point so it can be said that vigilance is only as effective as a gatekeeper’s willingness to actively participate in keeping schools safe and secure.
    Layer4 frontline training is designed to aid all gatekeepers from transportation personnel to food service by providing them with high level training in district unique protocol, policy and practices.

    Independent Investigations:
    Layer4 has licensed private investigators experienced in school specific investigations who will confidentially and professionally conduct forensic studies on behalf of a client district.

    Violent Intruder / Active Shooter Drill Preparation:
    The great debate storming through the campus safety / security community centers on whether a school district is better to continue with lockdown protocols or to adapt the more current run-hide-fight methodology.
    There are many things to consider with the nuances in various run-hide-fight methodologies including the consideration of post evacuation accountability. The team at Layer4 will work with you to find the solution to best fit your unique needs.

    Threat Assessment Training:
    Administrators administrate and educators educate. It is difficult to find time for much else in a school day. Our team can aid decision-makers in identifying trends and patterns that may not seem like a problem today but may indeed result in catastrophe tomorrow.

    Emergency Response Team Training:
    Educators are meant to educate not to be primary or first responders. Most staff members are not placed on crisis response teams because they have background in primary or first response but because they have a willingness to take a hand in protecting the school community.
    Our team can aid a district in the process of emergency response and crisis intervention team development and then aid in identifying the personnel characteristics needed to effectively carry out the mission of a response team.
    We will then train response / intervention personnel in a myriad of disciplines tailored specifically to the needs of the client district.

    Behavioral Response:
    Layer4 has recently partnered with HIBSTER, a national leader in Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying as well as pre-incident identification and intervention to bring Pennsylvania school districts the very latest in behavioral intervention best practices.