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    Dave Heller, Senior Consultant


    Company Biography  

    Tip of the Spear is a small business located in Central Pennsylvania. The company was founded in 2014 to provide consulting services to area schools and institutions. Our mission is to present an All-Hazards approach to Crisis Management and Domain/ Intelligence awareness. With over 23 years of service with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), I provide outcome based solutions based on my experience in addressing real world challenges. The foundational concepts of Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response and Recovery are introduced and actioned in compliance with local, state and federal guidelines. We emphasize the importance of information sharing, intelligence driven decision making, and domain & situational awareness as key tenets of our programs. We employ the overall frameworks of the National Incident Management System (NIMS), Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Intelligence Community protocols and processes. By establishing these frameworks, our customers will become an integral part of the greater Homeland Security Community.


    Services Available

    Name Service Fee
    Developing an All-Hazards Emergency Response/Recovery Plan Deliverable: Proactive All-Hazards Plan
    1. Review current Response Plans
    2. Identify current Threats & Risks as applied to current plan.
    3. Develop Threat and Risk mitigation strategies.
    4. Provide Training on NIMS, ICS, Intelligence & Command Post Operations
    Proposal provided after a review of requirements.
    Emergency Response/Recovery Plan Table Top Exercise Deliverables: Create and facilitate a 4 hour Table Top Exercise based on the school’s current Emergency Response Plans. Proposal provided after a review of requirements.
    Introduction to the Domestic Threat & Intelligence/Information Sharing Deliverables: 4 hour presentation. Topics include: domestic extremist ideologies, history and current state of domestic extremism, Constitutional law protections and civil liberties impacting counterterrorism efforts, intelligence, law enforcement techniques to combat domestic extremism, evolution of domestic extremism. Proposal provided after a review of requirements.
    Strategies for Evaluating Technology in support of Threat & Risk Mitigation Deliverables: 4 hour presentation.
    Topics Include: Advances in Technology, Leveraging Technology to mitigate threats & risks.
    Proposal provided after a review of requirements.
    Introduction to Domain Awareness and Threat Mitigation Deliverables: 8 hour interactive presentation on Intelligence Driven decision making and Situational Awareness. Proposal provided after a review of requirements.