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    INPAX | Academy of Personal Protection

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    Sam Rosenberg

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    2605 Nicholson Rd. STE 3140
    Sewickley, PA 15143
    724-759-7571 or 888-433-2040

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    Founded in 2003, INPAX is full spectrum personal security training firm, providing comprehensive self-defense, defensive firearm, and critical incident response training for schools nationwide

    INPAX is also the developer of the ASSERT – Active Shooter Survival Escape & Response Tactics program, designed exclusively for educational institutions - teaching teachers how to spot the early warning signs of potentially violent students in their midst, and specifically what to do if they come face to face with an armed intruder.

    INPAX provides full, hands-on, staff in-service programming, train-the-trainer licensing, School Resource Officer and guard training, and comprehensive risk, threat assessment and crisis response consulting.

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    ASSERT – Full Staff Training

    2.5 hour

    Critical Incident Response Training

    In-service for educators and staff.

    ASSERT fills the critical void between attack recognition and law enforcement response, teaching teachers specifically what to do in the event they come face to face with an armed intruder, and lockdown has failed. 

    Includes “Eyes & Ears” identifying potentially dangerous students & Active Shooter Response 

    Full staff pricing based upon # of participants.

    Up to 50: $2500

    50 - 100:  $3000

    101-200:  $3750

    201-300:  $4500

    ASSERT – Train the Trainer Licensing


    Licensing training for school staff/SRO’s to teach the ASSERT methodology

    Module 1:  Active Shooter

    Module 2:  Edged & Impact Weapon Defense

    Price Per Module:  $1200

    50% Discount for Module 1 & 2 combined

    License valid for 2-years

    1-time fee for necessary training equipment not included (call for pricing)

    SRO Critical incident Response Training

    2-day Training specific to Armed SRO’s – includes live fire instruction & live simulation exercises

    $1200 per SRO

    Price does not include ammunition

    Confrontational Management & Fight Interdiction

    2.5 hour training specific for SRO’s and security officers.  Also available for educators and administrators

    How to defuse confrontations before they explode into violence, and how to safely and effectively break up fights between students


    Small Group Pricing:

    $135 per person, min 10 participants for small groups

    Full Staff Pricing:

    Up to 50: $2500

    50-100:    $3000

    101-200:  $3750

    201-300:  $4500

    RADAR – Recognition, Avoidance, Defense and Response


    2.5 hour

    Hands-on personal security training for College bound Teens, intended to address risks specific to college

    Small Group Pricing:

    $90 per person  (pricing drops for large groups)

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