Zoom Webconferencing

  • Zoom webconferencing meeting rooms are available to member schools. Zoom is comparable in functionality to GoToMeeting or Webex, where you can connect to a virtual meeting with a PC, laptop, mobile device, videoconferencing codec, or phone call. For only $12 per year, your district can have access to a dedicated Zoom meeting room to conduct an unlimited number of virtual meetings for up to 25 participants each. You also get access to shared video endpoints, large meeting rooms and webinar rooms. Dedicated larger meeting and webinar rooms are available at an additional cost. 
    Standard Meeting Room: $12/year
    Large Meeting Room: $120-$200/year
    Webinar Room: $1,000-$2,750/year
    For more information, contact Ray Miller (814-940-0223 Ext 1373).