• Mass Customized Learning Consortium

    Transforming Learning…

    What is the Mass Customized Learning Consortium (MCL)?
    The Mass Customized Learning Consortium is a community of educational leaders that wants to transform education away from the industrial age model towards one of customization. The concept of “Mass Customized Learning” was made popular through the work of Chuck Schwahn and Bea McGarvey in their book Inevitible: Mass Customized Learning: Learning in the Age of Empowerment. Nationally, there are schools all over the United States implementing ideas of customized learning into their system; most notably is Lindsay Unified School District in California.

    Why was it created?
    IU8 and the Pennsylvania Leadership Development Center (PLDC) have created a regional consortium that puts students at the center of learning in our schools. Working together, we explore the possibilities that Mass Customized Learning offers, and chart a new course for public education in the Mid-Atlantic region.

    Who can enroll?
    All partners in the educational sector can enroll in the MCL Consortium. We currently have public school systems, charter schools, businesses, and a university. As the Pennsylvania consortium grows from our current 24 learning organizations, there is usually one basic question that leaders have as they contemplate joining the consortium.
    Question #1: “We already personalize and differentiate our instruction so we are already “customizing” education in our schools, why should we join the consortium?”

    Answer: Mass Customized Learning is much more than “personalization,” “differentiation” or “performance based.” MCL has two premises:
    1. Dislodge the industrial age model of schooling
    2. Become radically learner centered

    Main benefits
    1. The Consortium will conduct two "summits" each year. These summits will provide a chance to share ideas with other members of the consortium and to learn about cutting edge leadership, curricular and instructional practices.
    2. The Consortium will have book studies available that will help inculcate MCL principles.
    3. Consortium members will experience unique opportunities as they arise. For example, consortium members were invited to Reston, VA to participate in an Executive Briefing with Apple Education. The theme of this briefing was, “Leveraging Technology in Mass Customized Learning Environments.”
    4. Ultimately, the Consortium makes learning better for all students!

    Cost and requirements

    Membership consists of education leaders who will work to transform learning in their organizations to assure students (learners) receive learning at their appropriate level every day. The investment to join the Consortium is $1,000 per year. Members receive four complimentary registrations to each summit and a discount on registrations beyond four registrations.

    How to enroll?
    To become a member of the MCL Consortium, simply email Janel Vancas, Administrator of Innovation, Incubation, & Development, at jvancas@iu08.org or by calling 814-940-0223.

    For a more in-depth description of MCL, check out Dr. Tom Butler’s blog, Mass Customized Learning: A Quick Definition and Guide