Regional WAN

  • The IU8 Regional Wide Area Network (WAN) connects 28 school entities together. Through this WAN connection, member schools are able to provide educational content more efficiently and effectively to their students. Services offered through the WAN include, but are not limited to:
    • Internet access
    • Act 48 videos
    • PA School Improvement Portal
    • IU8 CONNECT Moodle site
    • Discovery Education
    • Safari Montage
    • Intranetwork videoconferencing
    • Keystone Commons (Educational professional networking tools)
    • New Worlds virtual environment
    • Private-label wikis
    • Defined STEM
    • Keystone on Demand (PAIUNet videos)
    • Standards Aligned Systems (SAS) Portal

    For more information, contact Ray Miller (814-940-0223 Ext 1373).