• IU8 CONNECT is a Collaborative Online Network for Curriculum and Teaching. Through IU8 CONNECT, your district will have the ability to make use of an online learning management system (Moodle or Canvas). Within the virtual environment, districts will be able to create online courses, manage assignments, promote online collaboration, and address a wide variety of learning styles.
    IU8 CONNECT will allow educators to facilitate courses either partially or fully online, manage classrooms in a more effective way and enable collaboration within and outside the classroom. Whether in a synchronous or asynchronous environment or in a hybrid solution, IU8 CONNECT will help your teachers create authentic learning experiences and implement 21st Century Teaching Skills. IU8 CONNECT can be used as an alternative to costly cyber-charter schools. Courses can be designed/used for: credit recovery, advanced placement, advanced courses for gifted students, remediation, alternative education, or homebound instruction.