IU8 Leadership Team

  •  Jennifer Anderson
    Jennifer Anderson
    Director of Professional Learning and Organizational Development
    Jennifer L. Anderson, Assistant Director of Educational Programs and Services, has worked for Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 since January of 2003. In her time at IU8, she taught Life Skills Support, Autistic Support, students ages 18-21 in the Students Transition to Adult Independent Real Life Skills (S.T.A.I.R.S.) Program, and Early Intervention Preschool. Additionally she has served as a special education supervisor, educational consultant, and assistant director of special education.

    Mrs. Anderson educational background includes a Bachelor of Science dual-degree in Elementary and Special Education, from Saint Francis University; a Master’s of Science degree in Educational Leadership from Saint Francis University; and administrative certification in Supervisor of Special Education from Saint Francis University.

    Mrs. Anderson is committed to the learning of both children and adults. Mrs. Anderson is acutely-focused on positively impacting the influences of people, language and systems to foster imagination, creativity and innovation in our students, families and communities to inspire solutions to the opportunities of tomorrow.