• Welcome to the IU8  Shipping / Receiving Section
    This section of the IU8 website will help faculty and staff become familiar with Interoffice ordering procedures,  M.S.D.S safety sheets, Asset tracking, and Inventory change report.
    Interoffice ordering consists of ordering supplies that are bought in bulk by the IU. Only supplies listed on the interoffice supply request form are available for ordering in this manner.  All other requests must be made through the normal requisition process. Adding items to the interoffice supply request form is not an accepted alternative for a regular requisition and may cause the order to be voided.   To prevent confusion please avoid using abbreviation for locations such as HASH, RHS, or MHS. 

    All IU supplied chemicals will have their MSDS sheets made available for download. MSDS sheets should be kept up to date and placed in binder that is easily accessible by emergency first responders. If you have questions about MSDS sheet safety guidelines please contact Ronald Peschock II at the Altoona office or any of the members of the safety committee. 

    Asset tracking is an important step in maintaining the integrity of the asset database. All IU assets are labeled with an asset tag.   The asset tag consists of several numbers and a barcode. It is board policy that any asset transfer is tracked. Weather an asset is moved for repair, or disposal, storage or transfer the location of that asset must be available for audit at all times.  

    The Inventory change report must be used when large items, assets or multiple objects need to be moved. The formed needs to be completed before the objects will be transferred. Please remember IMS delivery drivers have the right to refuse any transfer that does not have proper documentation or is deemed to be unsafe. If an item does not fall in the purview of a delivery driver arrangements will be made with the maintenance department to transfer the materials. Any questions concerning asset tracking or the request to move furniture form can be directed to Patricia Motchenbaugh or Ronald Peschock II. 

     Shipping and Receiving Clerk 
    Ronald Peschock
    814-940-0223  Ext. 1331